Texas License Plate

Texas Special License Plates Laws

General-issue license plates are issued as part of your vehicle’s registration. Number is assigned by Texas DMV, and these plates can not be personalized.

However, Texas allows many special license plates for vehicles registered in the state. Specialty plates can be obtained for fees typically ranging from $30 to over $100. These fees can be either one-time or annual.

Most of the revenue gathered from specialty license plate fees goes to organizations and charities.

For example, “Texas Southern University” has a $30 fee, $22 of which goes to TX Southern University to support scholarships. “Texas Parks & Wildlife – Hummingbird” special plate fee is also $30, and $22 of the plate fee goes to Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Many license plates have no eligibility requirements and anyone can obtain them. Some however, such as “Texas National Guard” license plate requires an active or retired member with 20 or more years of service in Texas National Guard or Texas State Guard. These plates have no additional fee required.

For specific requirements, fees and eligibility for some of these distinctive license plates, see Texas DMV website linked below.

More information:

  • MyPlates.com (Texas DMV website) – you can view designs and order your Texas specialty plates on MyPlates. This is a Texas-based company with a contract with Texas DMV to manufacture and sell specialty license plates.
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