Windshield Sticker Laws

Texas Window Sticker Laws

Most states have very different laws regarding the usage of stickers and other obstructive objects placed on vehicle windshields. Sticker usage is most commonly seen on company vehicles looking to advertise their brand or product, and street racers and similar car enthusiasts who enjoy aftermarket tuning of their cars.

Vehicle equipment laws in Texas regulate the placement of windshield and other window stickers. Be sure to read the following rules before you place any stickers on car windows.

Texas window sticker laws

Texas does not allow any materials or objects attached to windows which obstruct or reduce driver’s clear view of the road.

§547.613. Restrictions on Windows.

(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b) [window tint laws], a person commits an offense that is a misdemeanor:

(1) if the person operates a motor vehicle that has an object or material that is placed on or attached to the windshield or side or rear window and that obstructs or reduces the operator’s clear view […]

Law Source: Texas Statutes §547.613

Texas window sticker laws only permit window tint stickers which are required by law to be placed on driver’s side window, as well as registration or inspection stickers. All other stickers not required by law are potentially illegal on front and back windshield, but also on front and even back side windows.

If you place window stickers, ensure they are small and placed in corners, preferably on passenger’s side. Technically all stickers can potentially “reduce” your clear view of the road, therefore an overeager police officer may still issue a citation for any non-mandatory window stickers, claiming your vision of the road is reduced or impaired.

Based on Texas window tint laws, you can likely install a strip or sticker on top of your front windshield above AS-1 line, or no more than top 5 inches. Regulations state this strip must be partially transparent, and allow more than 25% of light to come through the window.

Window sticker penalties

Penalty for violating Texas vehicle equipment laws and placing unauthorized window stickers is considered a misdemeanor. If law enforcement officers issue you a citation, you can remove stickers and pay a $10 administrative fee, thus avoiding further penalties and fines.

This article about Texas Window Sticker Laws was last updated in 2024. If any of our information is incomplete or outdated please let us know. Thank you!